Copywork - Artwork Photography

Artwork documentation covers flat 2D artwork, such as paintings and drawings, and smaller 3D artworks that do not generally include their environment, except for walls and or pedestals when needed, etc.  Photography can be done in our studio, artists, storage site or other location if enough room is provided.

Depending on the desired final use, you can choose to have artwork cleanly cropped from the background, edges masked (such as paper works with deckle edges) and/or shown on a wall to mimic an installation environment.  From our collection of walls and floors, an install look can be created, or we can use your own materials and insert artwork into it.  If you prefer to use your own walls we can do that too, and can remove nail holes, marks and other things that would normally distract from a clean image.

Finally, and most importantly, all artwork is shot with museum grade color profiling, high-resolution image capture, and custom lighting setup to create the best rendition of your artworks surface characteristics.  Is the artwork under glass/plexi, have metallic or iridescent paints, or surface texture that needs to be maintained? We work with all kinds of artwork, from the simple to the very complex.  Your artwork is unique, and so is our interaction with it.
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