Services Overview

Artbot is all about custom services for artists, galleries, and private collections.  No artwork is the same and we believe the product should be tailored to each person and artworks needs.  Specializing in fine art reproduction and documentation services since 2005, we offer a number of solutions from high-end digital capture to gallery and installation photography, and fine art printing.


Copywork - Artwork Photography

Artbot specializes in clean even lighting, high resolution capture and custom profiling to create the most natural and color correct renditions of your artwork. We can accommodate small work up to 60 x 60in. in our studio, or larger work up to 12ft and beyond in your work space if room allows. Our shoots are setup so that you get the most from them, whether you need images for submissions or something larger, you get the files you need to meet your goals. All shots include a 8bit TIFF and JPEG Master file. Additionally we provide smaller 2000px JPEG images for easy use with website and email. Custom sized files specific to your needs or submission requirements can be made on request.


Installation Photography

Site specific artwork documentation, gallery, art fair, public spaces and private collections. Artwork can be captured in its space and environment, giving a sense of realism and scale not usually possible with regular Copywork Photography.